Roadmap for USSSA Baseball in Ohio


OH Level 1 State Championship


  • Play in 3 Qualifying Events within Ohio
  • If your team is in the SWOL, COBYL, MWOL, AYBL, HOFBBL leagues, play in 2 Qualifying Events within Ohio
  • If your team is part of the Hall of Fame Baseball League, play in 1 Qualifying Event within Ohio
  • All sanctioned events after August 1st, count as a qualifier in the following year
  • Your team must be registered in Ohio, or 51% of the rostered players

A qualifying event must be played in Ohio.  Examples of qualifying events are: Global State, Global World Series, Super NIT, NIT, or a Qualifier.  Again, ALL QUALIFIERS MUST BE PLAYED IN OHIO.



Throughout the year, players will have opportunities to be selected to the All-State Games held in Dayton, Ohio, at Action Sports in July/August.  At each qualifying event across Ohio, the first, second, and third place coaches in each division will select players who displayed extraordinary talent and athleticism.  Those selected have an opportunity to participate in the All-State Games.  Teams will be configured by USSSA State Office Staff and will be coached by current USSSA staff of current college and high school athletes for the tournament.  This will be a showcase type event that will be valuable for those players considering paying in college and beyond.  Younger players will benefit from the experience of participating in a showcase.  Older players will be scouted/evaluated by the many college players/coaches that are scheduled to be on hand.

Check our website often, as we will add the names of players who have been selected to participate.

Select 30


The Select 30 features the top teams and talent from multiple states.  The winner of this event earns an opportunity to play in the Elite World Series.

The Select 30 is a scouted event, meaning that USSSA Scouts will be present to evaluate talent and may offer exceptional players a "Gold Ticket" to participate in the Select 30 Top Prospects event located at our Space Coast Complex in Viera, Florida in August.  This $50 million complex was once the spring training facility for the Washington Nationals.

USSSA (Class A/AA/AAA) World Series Events

 To participate, your team must met all of the above conditions and participated in the Ohio Level 1 State Championship (the Fall State Championship is not a substitute qualifier for this event). 

Global World Series

 To participate, your team must have all of the above - including participation in a Global World Series Qualifier. 

Elite World Series

 To participate, your team must have met all of the above conditions AND won the Select 30 Event.