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Ohio USSSA State Event Rainout Policy

0 games played...

 75% refund credit to future event 

1 game played...

 50% refund credit to future event 

2 games played...


No refunds.

Every event we run requires considerable amounts of time for scheduling, travel, and event related advertising expenses prior to the event start date.  For example, expenses to Umpire assigners are paid whether events rainout, or not.  We pay our umpires a show-up fee whether they actually umpire a game or wait during a delay.  Diamond Dry (absorbent material) and manpower time preparing fields are often expenses not recouped when events ultimately are cancelled; therefore, we cannot refund fully for events that end in a rainout.

We do make reasonable attempts to reschedule and modify games to make an event successful; however, sometimes this is not possible.  We do not own  the fields we play on and may be limited  by the property owner or entity to a limited number of options (i.e. lack of lighting, equipment, or manpower).